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want more ways to support my work and one of your favorite creatives? consider signing up for my ko-fi, donating directly or buying me some coffee. i accept payments directly through paypal, venmo, & ko-fi.

this is an awesome way for you to help support me directly and for me to keep on creating stress-free! all donations go to supporting my work and maintain my livelihood and in return, you get some awesome rewards. woohoo! down below you'll find the different tiers that you can pledge for and a video that explains all of the rewards. if you have any questions feel free to reach out and i'm here to help :)

✶digital amigos $3 monthly

✶sticker mail $6 monthly

✶foodie friends $12 monthly

✶happy mail crew $15 monthly


can't donate right now? no worries! all support is great support! sharing and engaging with my content is equally as important in supporting my work and i sure thank you for it!

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