April 22, 2018

Apr. 13-16 Mini-Trip to Central Florida

April 22, 2018

Hey there! Happy Saturday!

Throwing it back to last weekend when I paid a visit to Orlando. First thing on my to-do list, after seeing my family, of course, a trip to the beach! The Caribbean in my veins runs deep and when I stay away from the beach for far too long I g...

March 6, 2018

Hey guys, today's post is a bit short of words - but the photos are a plenty and I hope that they make up for my lack of sentences! Day #3 was spent cooking delicious vegan Puerto Rican style pastelillos with my grandma. The secret to these tasting like the real deal?...

March 4, 2018

Happy Sunday subbies!

I don't call myself 'La Comida de Jeremie' for anything ya know! Of course day 2 was filled with lots and lots of food! I had daballed in vegan cooking before I had actually went vegan, but now that I am fully vegan and can cook 100x better than I...

March 4, 2018

Hey there loves! If you've been following me on my Instagram account then you know I went on a little hiatus and took a week to go back home to spend time with my family and to take some time to get back to being myself. Life and all of it's stresses really took a toll...

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