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Coquito Veganized: Puerto Rican's Infamous Coconut Version of Egg Nog

If you've ever partied with Puerto Ricans during the holiday season then you may have witnessed your friend's tio and tia (or the whole family except the children lol) dancing to salsa and laughing loudly with a cup in their hand, of what seems to be egg nog. Well friend, I'm here to tell you that the egg nog you're wanting to drink so that you can also be on that 'Puerto Rican' level of "TURNED UP" is actually what we call coquito. Coquito, just like Piña Colada, is a drink that originated in the Isla del Encanto of Puerto Rico. After being asked by many of the La Comida de Jeremie Familia, I decided to finally give the famous Coquito drink a veganized version for all of us to enjoy during the holiday season. Whether you want to be partying it up like my Puerto Rican family members, or you just want to sit by the fireplace with your lover, or you just simply want to binge your favorite series under a blanket all by yourself with a large cup of coquito in hand (don't worry no one's judging you!)—this recipe is super easy to prepare and ready for you to enjoy.





2-3 Bottles


2 cans Evaporated Non-Dairy Milk (Leche Carnation)

2 cans Condensed Non-Dairy Milk

2 cans Coconut Milk

2 cans Cream of Coconut (Coconut Cream)

1 box Silken Tofu

1-2 tsps Cinnamon

1-2 tsps Nutmeg

1 tbsps Vanilla Extract

Vodka/Puerto Rican Rum (Bacardi) to taste (optional)


1. In a blender combine all wet ingredients, except for rum, and blend until smooth.

2. Add in cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla and blend. Pour in your rum to taste (less is more, so taste before you add more).

3. Pour coquito into tightly sealed glass bottles or mason jars and refridgerate at least for an hour, preferably over night. 

4. Serve cold: Enjoy and drink responsibly!

**View Recipe Notes Down Below**


  • Chill this in the fridge over night for optimal flavor!

  • Enjoy in a glass cup with a sprinkle of all spice and cinnamon sticks for a yummy twist. 



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