the liquor store ft. impossible burger

January 28, 2018


This past Friday we paid a visit to 'The Liquor Store'.  A new concept restaurant here in Memphis, TN. What used to be a liquor store on Broad Avenue in Midtown that was later on abandoned, is nowa Broad Avenue staple restaurant with delicious Cuban-American eats. I'll admit I had been wanting to visit ever since I saw the aestically pleasing decor... but when I heard they were the first in Memphis to carry the Impossible Burger?! I had to plan a date night for us to try this witch craft of a burger!

As  soon as you step foot into the parking lot you feel like you've taken a step back into the 1980's on South Beach Miami and are sipping on a Piña Colada. Talk about palm tree heaven. Not many people know this but my father once lived in the Miami areas and I also lived in Florida a little as a child and once again after I left college. If you know one thing people always say about Florida, it's that it's for the elderly and retired. I say it's for ME! I love palm trees and the bright sun. The Liquor Store definitely reminded me of that sence of home.



The menu caters to all diets from carnivores to omnivores. Although, the nice bartenders that greet you when you first come in recommended some lovely meal ideas... I was there for one reason and one reason only - THE IMPOSSIBLE BURGER. One thing that I love about this place is that if you're not in the mood for a burger for dinner you can order a stack of pancakes and hashbrowns if you prefer. Just like a diner, you can have breakfast for dinner and in America we call that an added bonus!

We placed our orders for two Impossible burgers and waited to be brought out our delicious and much anticipated meals, while smelling lovely aromas. I also, asked my waiter if they had any vegan cheese since the menu mentioned 'choice of cheese' but unfortunately, they don't carry any. So be careful if when ordering and make sure to ask without if you do follow a vegan diet like myself.


The first thing I realized when I was greeted with this amazing burger was how realistic to a ground beef burger this thing looked and smelled like. Then when I took a bite... we seriously thought they had served us real meat burgers. Guys the Impossible Foods company is really changing the game. Vegan foods like this will really help fill in the gap of those who think veganism isn't for them. I wouldn't recommend eating these all the time for health reasons, but for a treat yo self kinda day definitely go for it!



While I wait on this burger to be sold in stores one day, I can definitely say that I will be paying a visit back to The Liquor Store for this amazing meal. If you're vegan or not I highly recommend paying a visit to give this meal a try and other meals that are vegan friendly. You won't be disappointed.

(Errol's dessert ft. Lemon Chess Pie)







This liquor store is the perfect place to go on the weekend for brunch or during the week for those nights when you don't feel like cooking. They offer a menu full of deliciousness and also for those of you that indulge in the liquor calories they have a bar full waiting for you. From the beautiful vintage decor to the smell of the food, no matter what you eat this needs to be on your next must-stop restaurant to visit. I'm already planning our next trip back. The Liquor Store @ 2655 Broad Avenue in Midtown.


Be sure to check out my reaction video and check out what we got up to on date night. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my new series called #WeTryVegan where I'll be sharing my travels to restaurants like this one and trying out vegan meals. You don't want to miss it!



Hope this inspires you to try something new and journey out of your daily routine.


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." —Walt Disney




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