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February 11, 2018


























Feliz Domingo! Sunday is my favorite day of the week, even though Monday comes right after. It just always puts me in the best spirit and I feel like I can conquer the world on Sunday's.  Here's a roundup of what I did this weekend:


  • Thrifted with a friend from work for an array of different plates for a work event taking place next month. Loved that we decided to go this route instead of purchasing new plates, such a sustainable way of using resources that already exist!

  • Went to Pho Binh on Madison in Midtown for lunch with some friends and caught up with our friend Gaby. Can I just say how deeeelicious the tofu is at this place?! #wetryvegan episode featuring this place is coming very soon.

  • For those that don't know my boyfriend Errol personally... he is an ice cream fanatic! Luckily, he won all 7 new vegan flavors of Halo Top ice cream. Happy as can be as you can tell!

  • I also won an instagram entry through the I Love Memphis blog for two tickets to see the movie E.T. with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra playing the music!! What an awesome experience, and can I just say that The Orpheum is a beautiful theatre. If you haven't been it's a must see Memphis staple. Also, how cute was Drew Barrymore in E.T!

  • To wrap up the weekend we took a stroll down our local trail (it was pretty cold and gray) for some fresh air. It's really nice to take some time out of our busy schedules and just realize how big this world truly is. Sets the tone for a peaceful and happy mindset. Really reminds us to slow down and enjoy the life around us.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week going forward. Let's remember to stay true to ourselves and our passions, afterall we only have one life to live— so let's make it a great one!


With love,








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