Spring Break Day 1: planes, planes, & pizza 🍕✈️

March 4, 2018












































Hey there loves! If you've been following me on my Instagram account then you know I went on a little hiatus and took a week to go back home to spend time with my family and to take some time to get back to being myself. Life and all of it's stresses really took a toll on me and I needed to get back on track. Well, I'm back from my hiatus and ready to share all of the content I produced while I was away. This means more Travel Diaries! Every day this week I'll be posting photos from my trip for each individual day of my vacation. Starting with this post first: Day #1 was filled with lots of planes, NYC pizza, and hugs with my mom and grandma. A nor'easter took over the North East Coast lines and my Friday nonstop flight turned into flying out on Saturday plus having to take not one but three airplanes! Not much complaining here though, I got to disconnect from social media and the world for a couple of hours and got to stop in Detroit, Michigan and St. Louis, Missouri before reaching my lovely New York City. There's something beautiful and special about flying by yourself and disconnecting from your surroundings, being left in deep thought; I truly got to connect with myself and help get back to being myself and doing things that I love to do. After many hours of flying and deep thinking, I reached my destination and was reunited with the loves of my life: my madre & welita, whom I hadn't seen in over a year since I moved to Memphis. Another love of my life that I got to spend some QT with was the delicious NYC pizza & garlic knots that you just can't get anywhere else. Though, day one was filled with lots of traveling and jetlag, I am thankful that I made it and learned a lesson that everyone should in life: enjoying all of the little things! I enjoyed the view from up above, the music playing through my headphones, the polite flight attendants, the stranger asking me about my video editing skills and what I do for a living, the Delta Airline cookies that taste just so delicious, and well just spending time with myself. Life can get so hectic at times and stress from worldy problems can take a toll on us, but let's remember to enjoy the little things more often and to take a step back from our busy lives to make sure that our well-being and mental health is on track, because if we're not doing well inside then how can we expect for other things in our lives to be? Here's to self care & self love! Because we all deserve it and could use more of it. <3



Wishing you all a great weekend! Don't forget to check in the rest of this upcoming week to see more travel diaries and also be sure to visit my YouTube channel to be notified when I post the videos I created while I was back home. So much exciting content coming your way. Speak to you guys soon!







Locations Visited:

  • Memphis Int. Airport

  • Detroit, MI Airport

  • St. Louis, MO Airport

  • La Guardia Airport

  • Bronx Pizzeria

  • Bridgeport, CT











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