Spring Break Day 2: food, family, & friends.

March 4, 2018


















































Happy Sunday subbies!


I don't call myself 'La Comida de Jeremie' for anything ya know! Of course day 2 was filled with lots and lots of food! I had daballed in vegan cooking before I had actually went vegan, but now that I am fully vegan and can cook 100x better than I used to in my teenage days I wanted to cook for my family. Luckily, they are always willing to try anything new, so I went to a couple of grocery stores to get some delicious cooking ingredients. Another thing I do when traveling if there is a Trader Joe's nearby you bet your ass I am shopping until I drop and filling up my luggage with goodies to take back home. My Trader Joe's love is to die for! 


After my shopping haul I headed on over to the last job I had in Connecticut to greet all of my old pals. It's great seeing people from your many chapters in life. Afterwards, I met up with one of my best friends, Nikki, for some delicious Pho at Pho SaiGan which offers very minimal customer service and ends up paying up for it with their delicious plates of Viatnemese platters. We ended up going for their Pho Veggie Soup and some Veggie Springrolls. So simple, yet full of spices and flavor. Asian meals are definitely one of my top contenders for food. It was great catching up with my old friend and it's so awesome to see how no matter how much time flies by that true friends and the connection you have with them never change.


To end the day, I filmed a video for my channel with nonother than my super handy mami! We ended up making my BBQ "chicken" pizza recipe and some buffalo wing sliders (recipe and video coming soon). We watched Coco because I knew they'd love it, they did! Then it was off to my grandma's to end the night with hot chocolate and good old conversations with my welita.


What's your favorite thing to do with your family? Mine is spending time in the kitchen cooking and having great conversation with one another. Let's do more of those things we love to do.


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