the year of ‘si’!

March 27, 2018


Hey there friends! 


Welcome to 'The Year of Si'! I’ve always done what I wanted to and felt necessary for myself, but one thing I lacked was saying yes to more social events, dates with myself, and just in general things that would benefit me and help me live a more fulfilling life. Well, that my friend has come to an end! 2017 was a year of really discovering what I wanted for my future and for right now in this chapter of my life. It was eye opening and I discovered new depths of what it means to be Jeremie. In this new year, my #1 goal was to say 'YES' to everything and anything that could possibly benefit me or better myself. Although, I've been pretty independent and have been somewhat of a lone wolf/rebel (as in I do what I want to do, when I want to and how I want to), I've still always needed someone to be there with me to help with my anxiety and not look like the lonely person in the room. I never realized that dragging people along with me so that I could feel more comfortable doing those things that I wanted to do was only hurting me in the long run. Doing this was stopping me from being fully myself and doing anything that would make my life more fulfilling. Even this past weekend I immersed myself in fun activities that could better serve my artistic side, but I still attended with friends. 


So here's the challenge for me in the year of saying yes: I will do more and say yes to more things and do them on my own! Of course, occasionally I will drag my boyfriend or friends along, but if I have no one to attend with me I WILL be making myself go! The point of this challenge is to make me more independent and also make me do more. So many opportunities have passed me by because I was too afraid to attend on my own, shoot I barely go take a walk at the park by myself. Life is such a beautiful thing and if we don't get out there and experience it for ourselves how can we expect to know the beauty of it?


Now how can we make these things happen? This is where organization comes in to play. Being organized is the only way to achieve a goal. It provides a clearer picture of what you're aiming to succeed in and how you can get it. Some tools that I'll be using are my phone, "creative" journal, and planner. These are my ways of jotting down my ideas, scheduling what needs to get done and when it needs to get done, and my phone is used for tying this all together. Learning to be organized is how you'll reach ultimate success and makes sure that you can check the boxes you need to check and reassure yourself that you're getting closer to your goals.


Here are the guidelines for my year of yes:

1. Say “yes”!
2. Be more independent and do more stuff on your own. 
3. Go after what you want! 
4. Create, create, create. 
5. Go out of your comfort zone. 


Last but not least, you already know if you're reading this that you want this to be YOUR YEAR OF SI! I am challenging you as well to try this out and see where it takes you. The challenge that I've set up for myself is my own because I set it up to where I'm trying to be more independent, but make this challenge your own and set up guidelines that will make your life more fulfilling and give you what you're looking for. Feel free to take what you want from it and take what you want from it. Let's grow together! We'll catch up later but for now, I hope you'll say 'si' to this challenge.




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