where do we go from here? #mlk50

April 8, 2018





























MLK50 April 4, 2018

Memphis, TN

Photos by Jeremie Serrano


The 50th anniversary of the assination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came and went, but what hasn't left is the hope and motivation I received from being surrounded by a community full with diversity and faith in a better future. What a week it has been to commerorate the man who fought so hard for change. While the country and world were mourning the loss of a man, Memphis was uniting together to discuss how we can move forward. I was able to attend amazing and empowering events which opened discussions of what's currently wrong in our country and how much further we have to go. We still have so much work left to do and together we can really make a change. If you can't attend protest, rallies, or panels; one thing you can do is vote! Voting this year will place the right people in chairs that will help us game changers push changes in the law and it's current administration. I am happy to say that I was able to be apart of this amazing week that took place here in Memphis surrounded by people all across the country who not only want to see change, but CREATE change. Afterall the theme for #IAM2018 is 'Where Do We Go From Here'? 


Check out my MLK50 expereience right here:



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