Travel Diaries: Melbourne Beach 🏝

April 22, 2018






























Hey there! Happy Saturday!


Throwing it back to last weekend when I paid a visit to Orlando. First thing on my to-do list, after seeing my family, of course, a trip to the beach! The Caribbean in my veins runs deep and when I stay away from the beach for far too long I get that nostalgic yearning for some sand and salt water. So, I rented a car and woke my mom up at 5 a.m. and off to the beach we went. We were welcomed with some light rain and the sun working so hard to fight through the clouds. Eventually, the beauty came out and we were hugged with the warmth of those bright UV rays. No better feeling than being at the beach after a long winter. If there's one thing my mom and I have in common it's being spontaneous and spontaneous I am! A last-minute ticket to Florida and an early unplanned trip to the beach?! These are the moments that I live for. So I pulled out the Canon and took some shots to remember this moment forever. My life is super busy lately and the moments are just passing by... but right there I was in the moment and living it. Let's remember to do more of just that: live in the moment. Whether that's a last minute trip to Florida, eating dinner with your family, or just taking a stroll outside. Life has a way of just "flying by" and we have to force ourselves sometimes to enjoy those seconds we have with our loved ones. Last weekend I did just that. This beach trip wasn't nearly as long as I would've liked it to be but I'm glad to have had spent those couple of hours with the sun, water, and sand. No better feeling. The beach, my happy place.


Where's your happy place? Go there!




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