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April 27, 2018




















Hey Friends,


Yesterday for lunch I paid a visit to Otherland's Coffee Bar with some friends for an early lunch. My friend Iris has spent many days here working towards her diploma and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After we planned the date and she mentioned they kept Veggenaise stocked in their fridge I had to pay a visit. As fellow mayo lover I will go anywhere that serves Veggenaise! Upon further inspection I spotted some fairly delicious vegan options, or vegetarian options that could be made vegan.


Memphis is known for their meat heavy BBQ filled kitchens. But one thing that people may not know is the many hidden gems around this widespread city that offer vegan options. Trough my YouTube series 'We Try Vegan' I aim to show people where to eat in Memphis and across the country when looking for vegan dishes. Otherland's is now on my list as one of those places to visit when in Memphis.


Offering a variety of not only coffee and lattes, but also food for all, this coffeeshop is an awesome location to meet with friends or for working from your laptop. It has a vary laid-back Memphis vibe. With coffee mugs in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes you'll definitely feel like your visiting a Southern home with a Hipsterish vibe.


Another thing that I appreciate close-knit cities for, such as Memphis, is how dedicated they are to their community. Otherland's, alongside other Memphis restaurants/stores, offers menu items created by local residents and business owners. I went for the yummy oat burger and cashew noodles made by a Memphis local not too far away from the shop. Nothing I like more than supporting locally created products, especially when it comes to ofood. Really great to know where my food is coming from and what's going into it.


If you're in the Memphis area stop by this shop and grab a mug of your fave kind of coffee with a splash almond, soy, or coconut milk. Talk about variety for vegans alike! Go satisfy your caffeine craving and invest back into the community.








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