Hopdoddy Burger Bar

May 10, 2018


























I wanted to quickly share some photos from my trip last month to this cool new burger bar, Hopdoddy, that recently arrived to the Memphis restuarant scene. We were able to partner with Focus Magazine and go on a secret mission undercover to review 4 restaurants around Memphis and I chose the newest one. Because who doesn't love a burger on a Thursday!?


Not only do they have vegan options, they have TWO vegan options with huge bowls of french fries! If you don't know me well... just know that burgers are my weakness. So I definitely had to pay a visit to this delicious burger joint. Now I will say that I'm not a fan of chain restaurants and try to stick to places that are more hometown friendly, but this burger bar definitely puts up a good fight when it comes to delivering great service to it's customers.


No matter what your dietary preference is there's a burger for all at this awesome place. So next time you're in Memphis be sure to pay a visit and pick yourself up some delicious burgers. They even have vegan cheese, mayo, and buns! Also, be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the Focus Magazine issue that I'm in! You can see my full review and experience on my YouTube channel here.


What's your favorite burger option?






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