Year Twenty-Four

September 3, 2018

 — Artist Unknown





It's currently 10:14 p.m. on September 2nd, 2018 and I am sitting here in my thoughts after deep cleaning the kitchen in our home on a beautiful lazy Sunday. I keep thinking about how my birthday is coming up and I'll soon be another year older. This post is focusing less on the fact that I'll be 24 in a couple of days, and more on the fact that I have accomplished so much in my short time on this earth and have so much more that I want to do. Aferall, birthdays are milestones made to celebrate getting older and hopefully getting farther in life. I will admit that I still don't know exactly what I am doing... but I definitely can say that I have made many improvements in guiding myself to a direction that I am actually content with. When I turned 23 last year I decided to gift myself a brand spanking new website to share more of myself with the world. Through this website, and social media platforms I created, I soon found a new love for creating and connecting with so many people on the internet. My social media following has grown so much over the past year... starting out at only 200 friends and now I'm meeting over 1k+ of you amazing people. 


Honestly, I had no idea where this crazy idea of mine was going to take me. I just knew that I was tired of not using my creativity and that I had to put all of this energy somewhere. Now, here's another confession— this shit is not as easy as one might think! Having to constantly create, think of new recipes, take beautiful photos that will make people actually want to try out your said new recipes, spend money on technology and equipment to make your photos/videos even more beautiful, writing out full blog posts, and having to constantly update your feeds. I will admit this summer I failed my blog and recipes. I don't know how it happened, but I know that writing my thoughts is a personal experience and for me it takes a lot. Writing these blog posts and recipe stories isn't as easy as writing a caption for Instagram, it's a much more deeper experience. And I definitely didn't want to half ass anything on my website.


You may be thinking "why is he complaining?"! No! In fact, I'm actually raving about this experience! Why you ask? Because all of these late nights of learning and teaching myself new techniques to continue to intrigue your interest has fulfilled me in ways that nothing else ever has or possibly ever could. I've done it all, from drawing to designing to sewing to different jobs and more. Nothing has made me happier than staying up until 2 a.m. editing a video of all the food I ate in California or those Spanish videos of me cooking with my grandma so that I can share a piece of myself with you and the rest of the world. Nothing has made me happier than the fulfillment I've recieved from getting to share myself with you all and getting the most amazing feedback. We've grown a community together and it's my inspiration to keep on going.


I'll admit being lazy is one of my specialties. Especially after a long day at my day job or simply just adulting. There's nothing easier than sitting my ass on the couch and dozing off or watching hours of YouTube videos to escape from the stress of it all. It is this satisfaction I get from being lazy that I realize it's actually not satisfaction at all. One of the many things I've learned this past year is that I want more and in wanting more, means I need to actually do the work to have more. Of course we all need self care, I actually spent almost all of today in bed and couch surfing binge watching a Law & Order SVU marathon... that doesn't mean I should be doing this every day. Old habits die hard, but if you keep at it and get stricter with yourself the passion for what you really want out of life will shine through and you'll soon set new ways for yourself to continue working hard at it. Afterall, things worth having don't come easy!


This summer has been filled with so many new experiences and I've found new inspiration for my work. I'm happy to say I have so many new things planned for the upcoming months and that I am officially back! I have neglected my website for far too long and I'm ready to share myself again with you all. There's a fuzzy feeling I get from owning my own thing you know? YouTube and Instagram are some of my other platforms, but technically they could disappear some day and I'd have nothing to show for all of my work. This website, just like my new car, I want to make sure I nurture and care for it. La Comida de Jeremie is much more than just a website or social media platform, it's become a family and a safe space for anyone that comes in contact with me to be themselves and learn new things with me. So, here we are a new age, a new year, and new endless amounts of possibilities. Here's to year 24! Hope you'll join me along this journey.
















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