20/20 Vision

January 1, 2020

Feliz Año mi gente bella!


I can see clearly now... seems like the cheesiest thing to say, but I mean c'mon! It's 2020! A new year, a new decade, and a new start. A NEW VISION. That means that here I go again with trying to stay faithful to my blog and figuring out a new path for my platform.


You've probably seen me complain about those negative nancy's on social media who keep complaining about people who talk about their new goals for the new year and are so against people saying "New Year, New Me". Well, I say f*ck them! There's nothing more refreshing than the first of the year or the start of a new month. It's like moving into a new home, starting a new job or taking the first step in following your passion. I can agree that it's never too late to start or that you don't have to wait until Monday to do so, but if starting on a Monday or the First of the month works best for you, then DO THAT and forget the nay-sayers.


I have to admit that running La Comida de Jeremie on various social media platforms all while working my full-time job and all of the other life things, is not the easiest thing to manage. However, this is my passion and I'm making one of my goals for the new year to stay committed to my platform and invest more time into it. Not just because I say so, but because all of you lovely subscribers out there deserve more (especially for those of you that enjoy reading). So here we go again– new blog posts to include recipes, random ramblings from my mind, and other fun things like travels and restaurant reviews; so stay tuned!


Not sure where La Comida de Jeremie is headed this year, but I do know that there is a lot of content that I'm ready and excited to share with you all! In 2019 I put a lot of effort into my YouTube channel and educating myself on how to get better at video editing and videography. It was a super exciting journey... one that isn't actually finished and probably never will be. But I will say it did fuel my passion for this all over again. I will continue to be active on my channel but there's nothing more exciting than owning your own thing. And this website is exactly that!


I am still in the "learning and discovery" process of figuring out what exactly I am doing and how I can level upon the content and product I bring to all of you. It's a thrilling experience honestly.


I am not certain of what exactly I'll blog about each week (or month), but that's what is so exciting about it. That it's literally up to me to do some research and continue to keep you all on your tippy-toes. So stay tuned for the journey and let's see where La Comida de Jeremie is going to take us in 2020.


I hope that you all are resting after your fun night of ringing in the New Year and that you are jotting down all of your goals (and action plan) for your new life. After you rest, it's time to get back to work and start turning those dreams of yours into a reality.


Speak to you all soon!


Besos Y Abrazos,








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