Flax Seed Gel

January 28, 2020


Hey there! Can you believe that you can make an all-natural hair gel out of a seed? Well, you better believe it because today I am teaching you how easy it is to create and you won't be going back to normal hair products after using this amazing product. The best part is that you're saving tons of money and making it all on your own, which means no added products that you don't need in or on your body.


Now back to that first sentence... yes, you read that right! This hair gel is made out of flax seeds. What are flax seeds you ask? They are a fiber and food used in many regions to be eaten or to be woven. Nowadays, it's considered to be more of a superfood and many add it to things like smoothie bowls, granola bars, and you can even use it to make an egg substitute for baking. Talk about versatile!


The best part of this very versatile little seed is that when you combine it with water and boil over a flame it creates a gel-like consistency. When I first discovered this concoction I was very skeptical on whether or not it would work on my hair and what it would even smell like. Well friends let me tell you that it's literally just like any other gel that I've used before. Of course it wasn't as similar to a Shea Moisture hair gel because that has more added ingredients and requires more work that quite frankly none of us are equipt without the proper machinery and tools. However, it stills comes pretty close to something you'd find on your store shelves.

Many have asked me about this concoction and how difficult is to make and I must confess it's not that difficult. The hardest part is in the squeezing to get the "liquid" portion out of the seeds. Although the gel separates from the seeds on it's own, in order to be able to apply this to your hair without having flaxseed all over your hair you'll definitely need to do the separation portion of this recipe.


Initially I used a nut milk bag (which is used to milk things like almonds or sunflower seeds), however the mesh holes on my bag were TOO small! Which made it nearly impossible to get the gel out. A quick run to my local drug store and picked up some pantyhose and I was well on my way to an all natural hair gel. Since pantyhose are so long and come with plenty of material I recommend cutting it a couple of times to make sure you have enough for multiple.


A good 30-minutes and what feels like a "hand murder" later I finally got the hang of it and successfully had a ton of flaxseed gel! Which I'll be the first to say looks pretty gross... but hey the things we do for beauty, am I right?







2 1/2 cups filtered water

1/2 to 1 cup flaxseeds

1 pair of pantyhose or mesh strainer





1. Combine flaxseeds and water in a medium/large pot on high and bring to a boil.

2. Allow mixture to simmer until a gel-like-stringy consistency begins to form.

3. Continue to "cook" and mix until mixture gets to a thicker gel. Mine took about 30-minutes on a low-medium flame.

4. Remove from heat and allow to completely cool before pouring mixture into pantyhose (I suggest doing smaller portions at a time or it will be too large and difficult to separate the gel from the seeds).

5. Squeeze gel out until you have completely separated all of gel from flaxseeds and have your desired amount.

6. Store in a container and keep in the fridge. This is perishable and will cause an unpleasant smell if left out at room temperature.

7. Apply to your hair as needed and you're done! 







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