April 22, 2018

Apr. 13-16 Mini-Trip to Central Florida

April 22, 2018

Hey there! Happy Saturday!

Throwing it back to last weekend when I paid a visit to Orlando. First thing on my to-do list, after seeing my family, of course, a trip to the beach! The Caribbean in my veins runs deep and when I stay away from the beach for far too long I get that nostalgic yearning for some sand and salt water. So, I rented a car and woke my mom up at 5 a.m. and off to the beach we went. We were welcomed with some...

March 6, 2018

Hey guys, today's post is a bit short of words - but the photos are a plenty and I hope that they make up for my lack of sentences! Day #3 was spent cooking delicious vegan Puerto Rican style pastelillos with my grandma. The secret to these tasting like the real deal? My grandmas sofrito. Oh the nostalgia of being back home. Leaving today's post pretty short and wanted to wish you all a happy Monday. Remember to eat something...

March 4, 2018

Happy Sunday subbies!

I don't call myself 'La Comida de Jeremie' for anything ya know! Of course day 2 was filled with lots and lots of food! I had daballed in vegan cooking before I had actually went vegan, but now that I am fully vegan and can cook 100x better than I used to in my teenage days I wanted to cook for my family. Luckily, they are always willing to try anything new, so I went to a couple of grocery stores to get s...

March 4, 2018

Hey there loves! If you've been following me on my Instagram account then you know I went on a little hiatus and took a week to go back home to spend time with my family and to take some time to get back to being myself. Life and all of it's stresses really took a toll on me and I needed to get back on track. Well, I'm back from my hiatus and ready to share all of the content I produced while I was away. This means more Travel...

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